Specialising in innovative immersive visual display solutions for simulation and training, exhibitions and marketing, game development, events and more. Displaying digital content in new, dramatic and immersive ways.


Introducing our new range of full metal, fully interactive and fully immersive fast jet cockpits. Fully configured to meet any specification and designed in conjunction with former RAF fighter pilots. Our generic cockpits can be produced to replicate F-16, F-18, Typhoon and F-35. Iconic warbirds such as Spitfires and Mustangs coming soon.

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With 10 years experience in the field of immersive display technology, Immersive Display specialise in creating digital immersive environments, using immersive domes and content. Our expertise in edge blending, warping and geometric correction software solutions is unparalleled. Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf system which can be easily integrated to display your existing content or something more bespoke, We have the solution for all your immersive visual display needs.

Our products and services can be found in many industry areas:


We have been supplying systems for education since our inception and our product range includes fixed and portable planetarium systems, bespoke systems for research and development including Mouse Vision systems, Human interactive systems and Virtual reality displays for a number of Universities.

Simulation and Training

Our technology has been used by a number of Military and Government departments in Flight and Driving simulation, Dismounted Infantry and remotely operated vehicles. Our systems feature the sophistication required together with robust reliability, ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Museum Display

We have provided a number of immersive displays for museums, aquaria and science centres. Systems include a range of low cost off the shelf Immersive systems together with innovative and appealing systems designed for specific locations and themes. Systems are available in a range of sizes up to 30 metres in diameter.

Marketing and Exhibition Display

We have many years of experience in creating innovative and eye catching displays for conference and exhibition stands together with a range of systems used in product launch and promotion. We also have experience in devising interactive systems for customer evaluation and modelling buying behaviour.

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Immersive Display News Feed

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Immersive Display introduces it's immersaVu range. Including the immersaVu, the immersaVu Pro and the immsersaVu 300!

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The immersaVu is perfect for land, sea and air simulation!