Composite Domes

Full Dome Panadome Truncated

Dome Construction:
Our Domes are manufactured to the highest standards with experienced engineers specialising
in Dome construction. The Domes can be manufactured from a range of materials and to specifications tuned to Dome size, shape and use including very light but stiff construction for use on motion platforms.

The standard construction:
Two layers of polyester gel coat, covered with multiple layers of woven glass fibre, sandwiched
between chopped strand matt using a polyester resin matrix. Extra laminate is placed in high load areas and at bolting positions for added strength. The laminate is placed down and consolidated by hand to ensure consistency of wall thickness and to eliminate air pockets. The laminate is then finished with a polyester flow coat.

Custom finishes include:
Carbon fibre/ foam sandwich construction using an epoxy resin matrix that is vacuumed
bagged down to give 14 psi of consolidating pressure. This typically gives a 70% weight saving
over the standard construction and increases the overall stiffness. The inside and outside surfaces are then finished with a polyurethane paint system. Our surfaces are textured and coloured to allow maximum display capability for given projection brightness, contrast and content.

2 Metre Domes

2.2 Metre Truncated Dome

2.2 Metre Full Dome
3 Metre Domes
3.2 Metre Full Dome
3.2 Metre Truncated Dome

4 Metre Domes

4 Metre PanaDome
4 Metre Full Dome
4 Metre Truncated Dome
5 Metre Domes
5 Metre Full Dome
5 Metre PanaDome
5 Metre Truncated Dome
5.6 Metre PanaDome


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